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  • Water and your health

    Water is good for your health but do you drink enough?

    6 to 8 

    glasses of water is the recommended amount of water adults should drink every day - that's about two litres.

    276 ml

    the amount of water children aged four to eight are drinking daily according to the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey 2016. The recommended amount is 1.6 litres per day.

    6 glasses of water

    Staying hydrated can help you to:

    • stay fit and healthy
    • concentrate better  
    • avoid headaches  
    • have healthier skin and fresher breath
    • prevent bladder and bowel problems  
    • protect your teeth from tooth decay  
    • relax and sleep well at night  
    • have more energy and feel less tired  
    • perform better at sports or exercise.

    Tap water tastes better when it is served fresh and cool. Keep tap water in a jug in the fridge for an instant cold drink.

    Remember that water kept in the fridge should have a lid and should not be kept for more than one day. Adding a little ice or chilling the water in the fridge will help to take away any chlorine taste.


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